We now carry the Equinus Brace by IQ Medical.

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The EQ/IQ equinus brace is one of the most significant improvements in the conservative management of equinus deformity in decades. This brace has several features to provide the optimal setting for stretching of the gastroc-soleal complex.

1) The brace extends above the knee, allowing the knee to be locked and maintained in full extension to fully stretch the gastroc-soleal complex.

2) The Windlass mechanism is engaged by placing a wedge beneath the hallux to dorsiflex it, resulting in stretching of the plantar fascia, locking of the midtarsal joint, supination of the sub-talar joint, external rotation of the tibia, and full extension of the knee.

3) The amount of ankle joint dorsiflexion is controllable for a more predictable outcome, with adjustments at 0°, 10° and 20°. It is recommended for the treating physician to determine ankle setting and adjust it upon follow-up examinations.

It is recommended to use the brace one hour per day simultaneously stretching both legs at the same time. The patient’s ankle joint dorsiflexion should be evaluated monthly. Stretching should be continued for at least six weeks at minimum or until full correction is achieved. This may require 8 to 12 weeks. For athletic or functionally high demand patients, maintenance therapy should be considered for prevention of re-contracture. This consists of brace use once weekly for one hour, with periodic follow-up visits to confirm maintenance of correction.

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